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Electrical Control box ECB-3010(5HP)

Price: 121 USD

thermo-hygrometer DT-3 measure different ranges of humidity and temperature depending on the model

Price: 17 USD

1.5HP LBP Condensing Unit for ice maker

Price: 9480 USD

2HP condensing unit working for ice-cream unit

Price: 8600 USD

liquid refigerant injectionvalve bulb is installed on the discharge line from the high pressure compressor

Price: 61.2 USD

14KW water chiller evaporator is made by stainless steel in laser cooling equipments or plastic injection cooling system.

Price: 186 USD

0.75HP R404a condensing unit working for block ice maker

Price: 7560 USD

30kg light duty 1" rigid PU caster for bottle cooler

Price: 22.8 USD

TB-11 Fixed superheat setting expanision valve has Internal pressure equalisation,Warm thermal head provides best reliability

Price: 31.8 USD

Capacity regulator protect against too low an evaporator temperature and direct connection to system suction line

Price: 156 USD

6HP reciprocating octagon freezer compressors for kinds of testing equipments in deep temperature, replacing 4CC6.2Y

Price: 1368 USD

6M3 -20'C all-in-one freezer machine for seafood storage or ice storage room

Price: 2500 USD

Ammonia/NH3 Pressure controls with 1m aluminium alloy tube replace Danfoss KP15A (reference 060-1294)

Price: 30 USD

3.3L ACCUMULATORS with Solid copper connections and Fusible plug on larger diameter units replace Sporlan Accumulators

Price: 31.8 USD

Helical Oil Separator remove oil from the compressor's discharge gas and then return it to the compressor's crankcase

Price: 132 USD